Silver Scent 1884


A glass scent bottle contained within a rectangular silver case with a cartouche bearing the monogram RC. Heavily embossed with flowing scrolls of vines and leaves it has a hinged lid containing a cork pad which protects a fan shaped glass stopper. The base carries various silver marks (worn) including the lion passant (1820-1890) sterling silver mark, silhouette of Queen Victoria to indicate duty paid, assay mark for Chester and the date letter ‘A’ for 1884 and one other undetermined mark. The makers mark is almost indistinct but is possibly BMJ (unidentified). General condition is very good without noticeable damage but with some wear and tear and slight staining to the base.The top closes firmly over the tight fitting stopper and the hinge shows little ‘play’ in use. 

Height: 2 ¼ inches (5.6 cm), Body: 11/16th inches (1.8 cm) square.

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