Codd Bottle ‘Knopped’ Doorstop: Of ovoid shape with a knopped top a similar item is illustrated on page 57 ‘Victorian Dumps, Paperweights etc by Peter M Sellers’. Formed from very pale green bottle glass as used in the development of the ‘Codd’ bottle, it is decorated with a large central bubble together with various randomly sized and placed bubbles. Condition is particularly good, the metal clear of frit having only minor surface scratches and no bruises, with distinct striations below the knop which has some minor abrasions. The base has a rough snapped pontil scar and shows age related scuffing.

Height: 5 ½ inches (14cm) Diameter: 4 inches (10cm) at widest point Weight: 3lbs 9 5/8oz (1.635kg)

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