Queen Victoria Commemorative Dump


A typical green glass ‘dump’ mantel ornament of ovoid form hand blown with many trapped air bubbles, manufacturing frit and impurities together with noticeable striations. It contains an impressed ‘head’ coin of Queen Victoria flanked with a mantle of thistles and leaves bearing the banner ‘Jubilee’ beneath a crown, all formed from white slip-covered terracotta and resting on a bubble formed basket. The word ‘Jubilee’ possibly points to her accession in 1887. In reasonable condition marred by minute scratches to the body and three small flaked bruises. The base has a slightly recessed snapped pontil scar surrounded by the expected wear related scuffing.

 Height: 3 7/8th inches (9.8 cm), Diameter: 3 7/8th (9.8 cm) at widest point.

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