Controlled Bubble Dump: An unusual ‘controlled pattern’ dump produced circa 1870. The internal decoration consists of an enlarged blown basket, the lower half has been left plain and the upper half has been decorated with regularly spaced bubbles which decrease in size as they near the apex. Made from green bottle glass it contains unintentional additional bubbles introduced during manufacture and distinct striations within the glass. Condition is somewhat poor. The dump has obviously been used as a doorstop and is scarred as such. It has also been dropped, the base shattered and subsequently repaired. What is left of the original base has a rough pontil scar and is scuffed consistent with its age.

 Height: 4 3/8th inches (11.2 cm) Diameter: 4 3/8th inches (11.2 cm) at widest point. Weight: 4lbs 1 1/8oz (1.849 kg)

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