This is most likely attributed to the Kilner glassworks of Wakefield identified by the 11 petal foil flower in the centre of the arrangement. It rises from a chalk formed central basket with three further smaller flowers each having four foil petals. The quality of the glass and the care taken in construction suggest this to be intended as a desk or mantle ornament made during the mid 19th century. Made from green bottle glass containing small bubbles and other manufacturing artefacts condition is particularly good having only minor surface scratches and no bruises. The base has a very rough pontil scar with dark ash deposits left from the pontil rod and shows scrub marks wear relative to its age.


Height: 3 7/8th inches (9.8 cm)      Diameter: 2 5/8th inches (6.7 cm) at widest point        Weight: 1 lbs 7.6oz (674 g)

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