The Kilner glassworks of Wakefield are generally believed to have been the most prolific and recognisable producer of foil flower decoration in mid 19th century glass ‘dumps’ and this item lends itself to that identification. It is made from good quality green glass and the decoration has been carefully constructed to represent three flowers, each having four petals, rising from a central eight petal foil flower resting in a well formed chalk basket. The care taken in manufacture and the size suggest this to be intended as a desk or mantle ornament. The glass contains numerous small bubbles introduced during manufacture otherwise condition is particularly good having only minor surface scratches and no bruises. The base has been flattened against a heated steel marver to remove the pontil mark and shows surface scrub mark wear relative to its age.


Height: 3 5.16th inches(8.4 cm) Diameter: 2 9/16th inches (6.5 cm) at widest point, Weight: 1 lbs 2.7oz (565 g)

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