Crystal rabbit by Michel Daum (France) signed to the left hand side at base in freehand acid etch ‘Daum France’. Since 1945 Henri and Michel Daum have produced decorative clear crystal in a modern style. Michel Daum (son of the founder, Antonin) is presently the artistic director of the Cristallerie de Nancy, and his brother Jacques is commercial director. The Daum glassworks is presently producing freely blown crystal of high quality. Daum signatures are found in gold gilt, acid etched, engraved with acid or wheel cutting, enamelled or in cameo relief. The signature almost always appears with the name ‘Nancy’ and with the cross of Lorraine. Now and then the name ‘France’ appears without the name ‘Nancy’. Modern pieces are stamped and etched with the names ‘Daum’ and ‘France’ and the cross of Lorraine. Overall Height 6 1/16th inches (15.3 cm).

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