Victorian ‘Dumps’ : Produced between 1820 and 1914 ‘Dumps’ were so called because they were made at bottle factories from unused glass left over from the days’ work which would have otherwise have been ‘dumped’.They are often referred to as paperweights but the sheer weight and size of some dumps suggest they were intended as door stops or some other heavy ornament.  Colours (and sizes) vary from deepest green to clear; blue or red through to lightest amber, depending on the type of bottle being made at the time. They were decorated internally with random or controlled bubbles, various designs created using foil or by rolling the molten glass in calcium or inserting terra-cotta objects such as busts, animals, heraldic crests or objects related to anniversaries or events.

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doorstop2 dump3mantle
coddump controlleddump
bluedump1 dump1
dump9flower dumpRandW FlowerDump
dumpthistle EdwardDump
inkbottle2 inkbottle3 kilnerdump MountedDump1 Coin roseandthistle
doorstop1-(1) D28

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