Of indeterminate date but possibly of Victorian origin, this paperweight appears to be made from ordinary green bottle glass typical of a 19th Century glass ‘dump’. It contains an unusual decoration  consisting of a flower shaped structure having a blue centre with eight ‘petals’ each separated with a blue ribbon and rising from a ‘basket’ having four brownish leaf-like sides. The flower head carries a garland of white ribbon. A bubble has been inserted at all strategic points. The quality of manufacture and complicated design would indicate that it was made ‘to order’ and not as is usually the case as an ‘end of day’ item. It is in particularly good condition free from blemishes or bruising but striation marks and a few erroneous bubbles introduced during manufacture are present. The base has a broken pontil scar and shows some wear consistent with usage. Height: 3 ¾ inches (9 cm) Diameter: 3 ¾ inches (9 cm) at widest point.

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