Green Bubble ‘Dump’ Doorstop


The size and weight of this dump suggests that it was probably intended to be used as a doorstop, produced circa 1870. (Peter M Sellers, Victorian Dumps etc, Page 59) Made from green bottle glass it contains a large central bubble with a drawn down stem surrounded by a variety of smaller sized bubbles. Included within the metal and unintentionally introduced during manufacture are a number of very small bubbles, together with distinct striations. Condition is particularly good having only minor surface scratches, a couple of small nibbles and two very small bruises. The base has expected scuff marks indicative of its age and a very rough snapped pontil scar which has opened into the stem of the central flower.

Height: 4 3/16th (10.6 cm) Diameter: 4 ¾ inches (12.1 cm) at widest point Weight: 5lbs 2oz (2.237 kg)

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