19th Century green glass ‘dump’ inkwell (Peter M. Sellars – Victorian Dumps – page 121) another example of the use put to ‘end of day’ glass. The original inkwell would have had a fitted glass stopper but these were frequently lost or broken and were replaced with a marble to lessen loss by evaporation. This marble is an addition being of a slightly different green shade but is representative of the period. The inkwell itself is made from green bottle glass and contains some small bubbles and frit introduced during manufacture together with distinct striations. The ink reservoir is made by drawing down the glass to form a bowl, ending in a funnel. Condition is particularly good having only minor surface scratches and no bruises. The base has a very rough pontil scar together with wear relative to its age.

Height without marble: 3 5/16th inches (8.4 cm) Diameter: 3 5/8th inches (9.2 cm) at widest point

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