Summer Meadow Butterfly


Caithness Whitefriars Collection ‘Summer Meadow Butterfly’ (CT-412) issued in 1985 in a limited edition of 150 (fully subscribed), this being #127. Another collaboration between Allan Scott and Harry McKay. A standard globe weight having a horizontal rear facet and smaller horizontal front viewing facet with a diagonal cut base. Weight contains blue, pink and white lamp worked flowers with green stems and a purple winged aventurine bodied butterfly with black markings over three levels. A blue on white Whitefriars ‘hooded monk’ cane is included at the bottom rear stems. The base carries a freehand diamond point inscription ‘Summer Meadow Butterfly Whitefriars Caithness Scotland 127/150’. Height 2 1/8th inches (5.5 cm) Diameter 3 1/16th inches (7.9 cm)

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