Ludwig Moser cobalt Scent Flask


This scent flask (or bottle) was designed and produced by Ludwig Moser (1833-1916) working from the Moser Glass factory in Karlov Vary in the Czech Republic (formerly Karlsbad in North East Bohemia) around 1900. It is a spherical, hand blown, cobalt blue glass bottle with straight neck, decorated with raised acorn twigs, three polychrome enamelled leaves (green, pink and blue) and six applied acorns all highlighted with gold gilding. The stopper is hexagonal, each side cut with a cruciform pattern which also carries evidence of gilding, its top appears to have been shortened and was possibly spire shaped. The stopper base carries a gold painted 8 which is repeated within the bottle neck on which traces of gilded decoration remain. The bottle base has a gold band and has been polished to remove the pontil mark. The glass is of good quality and bears clear striations, manufacturing frit, bubbles and surface ware commensurate with its age.

Height without stopper: 3 1/16th inches (8 cm) with stopper: 4 inches (10.5 cm) Bottle Width: 3 1/16th inches

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