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A most unusual 19th Century glass ‘dump’ doorstop produced circa 1870. Of ‘teardrop’ shape and made from green bottle glass it contains a spray of four flowers rising from an elongated basket having further bubble decoration within. Each flower has a bubble centre and has been constructed from thin foil. Condition is fair, there are four internal bruises together with surface scratch and the metal contains various small bubbles, manufacturing frit and striations. It is mounted in a base of undetermined metal, possibly pewter, having three tiers rising to a neck with scalloped collar. The base appears to have been filled with a heavy wax (solidified) substance and retains traces of its original leather covering. It is possible that the pewter base has been added after the original glass dump foot has been damaged, its shape and construction suggesting it may have been a candle stick or other such item, subsequently cut down and the scalloped edge added and attached to the glass Dump.

Overall Height: 6 ¾ inches (17.1 cm) Base Height: 2 ¼ inches (5.7 cm) Base Diameter: 4 ¾ inches (12 cm) at widest point. Dump diameter: 2 7/8th inches (7.3 cm) at widest point.   Weight: 2lbs 9oz (1.157 kg)

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