Pallme-König Vase: Of baluster form and made of green iridescent glass overlaid with grey threaded decoration, this vase is typical of the type designed and made by Pallme-König who produced quality art glass during the Art Nouveau period (1890-1910). The origins of the company go back to the late eighteenth century when a glass refinery was established by Ignaz Pallme-König in Steinschönau called Pallme Ullmann. (Steinschönau means Kamenicky Senov - which is a city in Bohemia, Czech republic). A century later his grandsons Joseph and Theodore Pallme-König who now controlled the glassworks merged with the glasshutte at Kosten near Teplitz (also Bohemia, Czech Republic) owned by William Habel. The new company known as Gebruder Pallme-König & Habel brought together the supplier of raw materials and the manufacturer of the finished glass products. Although its ‘art glass’ production was never on the same scale as Loetz the factory produced some very innovative ‘free-form’ styles and new techniques within its range of vessels. Pallme-König glass is never signed. Height: 22.1 cm (8 11/16th inches), body diameter 12 cm (4 11/16th inches) at widest point.

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