Opium Poppy

From the Caithness WHITEFRIARS collection ‘Still Life’ (CT-537) released as a limited edition of 250 (closed 218) in 1987, this being #125. Designed by Allan Scott this paperweight is a standard spherical shape with a single horizontal viewing facet and 5 vertical facets around the body. A millefiori garland of white canes surround a pink flower with green poppy buds and leaves, all on a black background. A blue on white ‘Hooded Monk’ cane rests centre bottom. The base is polished and acid etched ‘Caithness Opium Poppy Scotland’ with ‘125/500’ freehand diamond point inscription. Depth: 2 ¼ inches (5.7 cm) Diameter: 3 inches (7 cm) at widest point

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