Facetted Rose: A standard globe paperweight by William Manson (Snr), white with blue overlay cut with a horizontal viewing facet and 6 vertical facets spaced with 6 pairs of small vertical cut printies. Centrally placed within the weight is a lamp-worked red rose, two buds and a spray of green leaves, together with a WM cane. The weight was issued in 2001 as a Collectors Club special edition, this being the Masters Proof (the ‘standard’ to which all future weights were produced). The base is star cut and carries a diamond point freehand inscription around the edge ‘William Manson Snr 2001 Collectors Club Weight Masters Proof. Depth 2 7/16th inches (6.2 cm) Diameter: 3 1/8th inches (8 cm) at widest point

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