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From the size and weight of this dump, together with the marks and scratches around its circumference, it is fairly safe to assume that it was intended, and used, as a doorstop. Produced circa 1870 from green bottle glass it contains a rare terracotta (symbolic) English Rose and Scottish Thistle (similar illustrated fig 7.26 page 54 English Bottle Glass Dumps Mary Skotnicki & Gregory Warren Wilson). Condition is fair. There are many surface scratches, at least three bruises and numerous minor dings and dents indicative of its hard life and use. The base has a very rough pontil scar with grinding marks and shows ware relative to its age.

Height: 5 inches (13.4 cm) Diameter: 3 inches (8.8 cm) at widest point Weight: 3.4 lbs (1.478 kg)

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