An Art Deco scent bottle made by the Rosenthal Company (Germany) in the 1920s.  Made of glazed porcelain (resembling glass) in turquoise blue and pale pink within a thick silver overlay case. On one side of the case the pink enameling of ribbon form has been further embellished with two silver metal dots. The base of the silver metal case on the same side, lower left, has been inscribed 1000 / which indicates a silver grade higher and purer than sterling. The top is interesting in that it is in the shape of a crown with garlands and swags and has been press molded of a different metal, possibly pewter. It is mounted over a hollow metal tube which passes through the cork stopper in the bottle neck. When the crown is turned it opens and closes the tube to allow passage of scent.

Height without stopper: 1 inches (4.4 cm) with stopper: 2 inches (5.6 cm) Depth: inch (1.2 cm) Width: 2 inches (5 cm) at widest point

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