Sampson Mordan & Co: A glass scent bottle encased in an hexagonal silver gilded case with a hinged domed lid and a close fitting glass stopper.

SM1884-(1) SM1884-(2)

 Made in 1884 the case is extensively engraved with a pond scene at the base with water lilies, cherry blossom, birds and a butterfly together with a diagonal band containing sunflowers and magnolias. The rear side carries the makerís S.M monogram and hallmarks: lion passant, leopards head (London) and date letter I for 1884 and the sovereigns head (Victoria) denoting tax revenue paid. The base is similarly marked but without the revenue mark and the addition of a retailerís catalogue number 212/467. The inside of the lid has been stamped with the makerís monogram, lion passant and the date letter. There is a further (unidentified) ĎWí stamp.

Height 2 ľ inches (57 mm), Distance across the base at the flats 13/16th inches (20 mm)

SM1884-(3) SM1884-(4) SM1884-(5) SM1884-(6) SM1884-(7)02 SM1884-(8)
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