Teal: Released in 2002 and retired in June 2004 this is one of six paperweights produced to mark the 21st anniversary of the release of the first six paperweights in 1981. Modelled by John Ablitt and decorated by Sue Rowe. Like the first set, there are five birds and a rabbit (Linnet, Red legged Partridge, Rock Hopper Penguin, Teal, Tawny Owl and Snowy Rabbit) and a limited colour palette was used, as per the originals. The base carries a unique seven sided gold stopper bearing a crown Cypher above the figures 21 and the © symbol with Royal Crown Derby, Made in England around the edge. The inscriptions read: ‘Teal Design by Sue Rowe Model John Ablitt © 2001 ROYAL CROWN DERBY MMI’  (The date code for 2001) and monograms (Illustrated). Height 2 13/16th inches (7 cm) Length 4 3/8th inches (11 cm)

Teal-(1) Teal-(3)
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