The original piece was produced by Royal Crown Derby in April 2004 and retired in July 2008. This piece was introduced in October 2007 as a limited edition of 500 for Harrods and carries their distinctive green and gold logo on the coat. The piece was modelled by Donald Brindley and decorated by Jane James. The base carries a gold stopper bearing the RCD crest similar to the under-glaze transfer crest and the inscription ‘Harrods Scottish Terrier. A limited edition of 500 Specially Commissioned by Harrods. This is number 322 © 2006 ROYAL CROWN DERBY MMVII’ (MMVII = year code for 2007) together with the decorators signature and monogram plus the monogram ‘A’ (Illustrated).


Height 4 ¼ inches (10.8 cm) Length: 5 ¼ inch (13.3 cm)


Harrods Scottish Terrier

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