Reproduction 1848 scent (ink ?) bottle by Walsh Walsh of Birmingham. Possibly 1920-30. Recognition features include two separate canes to make the figure 8 and a misplaced or even reversed 4 in the date. This bottle, albeit with different colouring, matches the illustration plate 48, page 396 British Glass 1800-1914, Charles R. Hajdamach.

Main bottle contains millefiori canes in 4 concentric rings with large center cane in the order; white, blue, white, red. The date canes 1,8,4,8 are included in ring # 3. Both the stopper and bottle neck are freehand diamond point inscribed 61 or 19. Recessed base. The stopper contains millefiori canes arranged as a central cane plus 3 concentric rings in the order outer red with  two rings white. Stopper shape copies the body shape. Height with stopper: 10 cm (4 inches), without stopper: 7 cm (2 inches). Body diameter 6.3 cm (2 inches) at widest point, base diameter 5.2 cm (2 inches)

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