A Caithness paperweight from the Monet Revisited series designed by Colin Terris. Waterlily Reflections was released in 2000 as a limited edition of 150 (subscribed) this being #28. It is a domed weight cut with a large frontal viewing facet to reveal a flashed orange and green background over a blue and green streaked base featuring a central lamp-worked pink Waterlily blossom and green leaves. The rear surface of the weight has been acid etched with a bridge, weeping willows and reeds in the Chinese ‘Willow Pattern’ style and the base is freehand diamond point inscribed Waterlily Reflections Caithness Scotland 28-150. Depth: 3 7/8th inches (10 cm) Diameter: 2 15/16th inches (7.5 cm) at widest point

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